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Vacca Icons

Straight from the Cow

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Welcome! You've found your way to the icon journal of borntoberandom, vacca_icons. Do enjoy your stay! Be sure to have a good look around, and please, please, please do not skip over reading the rules.

vacca_icons was created in order to keep my personal life and art seperate, and also to allow for a journal I could devote primarily to icons. It's kept by (obviously) myself, Lindsay. I'm sixteen and live in the USA and that's all you need know about me. ;) The name of the journal is random; "vacca" is Latin for "cow." So, translated, this journal is cow_icons. Of course, vacca (pronounced "wah kah") sounds and looks a lot better in my opinion. Right now, all at vacca_icons is icons. Evenually, however, I'll probably get up backgrounds or brushes or textures or whatever my little heart desires to make.

It is very important that you follow these!

1. Comment. I'd like to know not only what you're taking, but if you're taking anything.
2. Credit. I spend time on each and every one of my works. Credit so that others know I made them and where they can find them.
3. Save to your own computer. Not saving to your own computer is called HOTLINKING, and eats at bandwidth. If you hotlink, art won't be available to you.
4. Do not, in any way, edit any of the icons or other works. Again, I work hard on these and it is not your job to edit them. If they aren't specifically labeled as bases or editable, you may not edit them!

These are simple rules, folks, and if you follow them we can make the world a better place. Yay.

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